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First you must register

Suppliers of books identified in enactment decree 2004-920 dated 31 August 2004 must make a return of sales of books to lending organisations.
As a first step you must register using our Internet site.
To do this:
1. Open the registration  site
2. Identify yourself using:
YOUR PRE-REGISTRATION NUMBER: «pre-registration number» 
YOUR BARCODE: «barcode»
The form will display pre-completed with details of your establishment.
Your pre-registration number will have been included in the letter you received from SOFIA. If you have not received this, click here  

Fill in the form, stating in particular the department responsible for PLR and the address of the person to whom SOFIA should send the confidential password.
The designated individual will receive the password via the chosen route (letter, fax or email).  
Connect to the PLR management site:  book supplier declaration site  .
Enter your Barcode and password; this gives you secure access to your private space. Check, using our link to the CLIL file (Commission de Liaison Interprofessionnelle du Livre), that all your lending organisation clients have like you a Barcode. If this is not the case, complete an allocation request. You need to be able to quote your clients’ Barcodes when submitting a return of your invoices.

You may then make your return

You will be offered the choice between two methods of submitting a return: on line or using Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)
You can then submit your return of book invoices using one of following two methods:    
  • A manual return by entering information directly on line on the internet site book supplier declaration site.    
  • An automated return using a special module marketed by the SSII that publishes your bookshop management software, offering an EDI-mode interface with the Dilicom platform.
The last option is clearly the most convenient for users. It does however require specific developments.
If you wish to use the EDI solution, by far the least limiting and most reliable, you must inform your SSII or your IT department of the format of your returns – available from our sites – and you can then obtain the additional information needed by contacting our departments.
SOFIA has contacted all book suppliers and lending organisations to ensure that they meet their obligations.