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Advantages of membership

Join SOFIA and you will be able to:

- Receive the rights payments managed by SOFIA both easily and efficiently,
- Receive regular useful information on any changes concerning authors’ rights and actions undertaken on your behalf with the public authorities,
- Make your voice heard in the only society that gives equal priority to authors and publishers and which takes joint initiatives at a political and judicial level in the defence of your rights.

How do I join SOFIA?

Any author of a work published at the expense of a publisher, or of an article in a periodical, or a work distributed on an Internet site, or of a significant contribution to a multimedia work or program, can join SOFIA. 
To join, please return the downloadable application form (see below) duly completed and signed, accompanied by the following documents:
- A list of your already published works. After you have joined, please submit a statement of any new work once it is published.  
- A photocopy of an identity document,
- A cheque for 38 euros if you wish to pay for your society share immediately,  
- Where applicable, supporting documentation for AGESSA deductions and your renunciation of the VAT regime.