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SOFIA, facts and figures

SOFIA (Societé Française des Intérêts des Authors de l’écrit) is the French society tasked with defending the interests of authors of the written word; it is a non-profit-making company for the collection and distribution of rights, administered equally by authors and publishers and exclusively concerned with the field of books.  

As the only society approved by the Minister for Culture for the management of PLR arising from loans in libraries, SOFIA collects and distributes the remuneration arising from these PLR. It is also primarily responsible for the collection and distribution of that portion relating to books arising from remuneration in respect of private digital reproduction.

Created en 1999 on the initiative of the Society of French Writers (Societé des Gens de Lettres - SGDL), joined in 2000 by the Publishers Association (Syndicat National de l’Édition - SNE), SOFIA links some 6000 authors and 200 publishers who represent 80% of the publishing turnover in France.
It is chaired by two co-administrators: an author, François Coupry, Chairman; a publisher, Brice Amor, Vice-chairman.