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Supplementary pension for authors and translators

Supplementary pension for authors and translators

In addition to remunerations for rights holders, authors and publishers, the law dated 18 June 2003 concerning PLR introduced a supplementary pension scheme for writers and translators affiliated to AGESSA. This new scheme corrects an injustice: authors and translators of books, brochures and other literary and scientific works were, amongst creators and interpreters, the only ones not to benefit from a supplementary pension scheme. The new regime came into force in 2004 and is managed by the Institution de Retraite Complémentaire de l'Enseignement et de la Création (IRCEC). This Institute is a supplementary pension fund that, since January 2004, has covered all those benefiting from PLR. This arrangement is very attractive to authors and translators.
To ensure financial equilibrium and the long term viability of the supplementary pension that is introduced, the law provides for a portion of the remuneration under lending rights to be assigned annually to the funding of this scheme. This is a lump sum top-up payment equivalent to the amount paid in contributions. Authors and translators also have the option of electing from one year to the next depending on their income, to pay a higher rate of contribution, in which case the top-up payment itself also increases, and will always equate to the contributions made. Overall, the portion assigned annually by decree to this top-up funding could reach 50% of the total remuneration paid out in respect of lending rights in public libraries. This legal limit is very high, and current calculations suggest annual withdrawals of between 15 and 20% of the sums collected.

Sums paid by SOFIA to IRCEC

SOFIA currently pays a sum equivalent to 50% of the annual subscriptions called for by IRCEC; this represents some 2300 authors and translators.
The sums paid by SOFIA to IRCEC amount to:
- €500,235 for 2004
- €611,604 for 2005
- €684,856 for 2006